Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Grand Massif

Grand Massif lies between Geneva and Mont Blanc and includes 5 resorts – Samoens, Les Carroz d’Araches, Morillon, Sixt-fer-a-Cheval and the concrete built resort of Flaine. The first four are much more charming, smaller resorts. Grand Massif is France’s biggest ski area and has 265km of piste offering a variety of terrain for all levels, reliable snow cover and lack of queues.

From the central Tete des Saix, north facing runs drop down steep mogul slopes towards Samoens while on the opposite sideof the valley, easier runs to Les Carroz are short but varied while the small ski area of Sixt also links into Le Grand Massif via the 14km ‘Cascades’ blue run (although return is via bus). There are outstanding off-piste possibilities and snowparks.

The Grand Massif ski area is open from 21st December 2013 – 19th April 2014 however there maybe partial opening prior to and after these dates depending on snow conditions.


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